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Hamby Road Animal Hospital

Pregnancy Diagnostics

We provide an ultrasound exam for pregnancy diagnosis and radiographs for the last few days of pregnancy.

Ultrasound is the most effective method of pregnancy diagnosis and provides breeders with the earliest diagnosis (as early as 18 days after conception) as well as the ability to determine approximate puppy count and fetal viability. We usually recommend that appointments for pregnancy diagnosis be scheduled approximately 23-26 days after the last breeding in order to most accurately determine puppy count. We offer a complimentary recheck ultrasound exam for pregnancy diagnosis which can be very useful in cases where fetal sac viability is questionable early on and resorption is likely.

Radiographs are particularly useful during the last 7-10 days of pregnancy for optimal visualization of fetal structures and determining puppy count. It's also a great way to identify any abnormalities that may cause complications during whelping such as oversized puppies or fetal deformities. Positioning of the fetuses in the uterus can also be determined and sometimes help owners prepare for elective C-sections when needed.