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Hamby Road Animal Hospital

Semen Freezing

Semen freezing provides stud dog owners the ability to indefinitely preserve their genetic potential and overcome hurdles created by distance or availability.

 Hamby Road Animal Hospital is a full-service, AKC-approved, semen freezing facility that offers onsite storage capabilities as well as the option of shipping semen anywhere in the world.

A full semen evaluation is performed on each sample prior to freezing. Minimum standards of semen quality must be met on all ejaculates prior to freezing, as the quality of the semen will directly affect the results obtained from breedings using frozen semen. Sperm donors (identified with a tattoo or microchip) will also be tested for Brucellosis and examined for some form of permanent identification (tattoo or microchip).

The number of breedings obtained from a single ejaculate can vary greatly depending on the age, size, and breed of the donor dog, usually varying between 2-4 breedings.