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Wellness Exam

The key to your pet's long-term health

Annual wellness exams are an integral part of your pet's health maintenance plan. The ability for our veterinarians to examine your pet every year increases the likelihood of identifying potential warning signs of health issues that could be prevented or treated before they can cause major problems. in young animals. conditions such as obesity, early onset joint disease, and skin allergies are all examples of conditions that can be treated long before they have significant consequences on your pet's quality of life. In our geriatric patients, conditions such as heart disease, kidney failure, and liver dysfunction are just a few examples of common conditions that can be dramatically improved if identified and treated early. At Hamby Road Animal Hospital we look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and your pet on an annual basis to discuss any health questions you may have, and work together to create a personalized, effective health plan that will keep your pet happy and going strong well into their golden years.   

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